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Byron began photography in high school, photographing portraits and sports for the schools annual and news letter, after graduating high school, he pursued a degree in business as well as photography. After graduating in Photography from Daytona State College, Byron began his photography career at Richard Brown And Associates where he was hired as Lead Fashion Photographer, Product Photographer, and Videographer, for multiple clients in studio and on location.

After several years at Richard Brown and Associates, Alderman Studio contacted Byron, at the time Alderman Studio was the largest photography studio in North America, they had seen and liked his work, and wanted to hire him. Soon afterwards, Byron was hired as the Lead Fashion Photographer, but also photographed product, furniture, and environmental illustration for retailers, mail order, and business to business clientel.

After several years working at Alderman Studio, Byron was contacted by Creative Network Studios and offered a position in Sales and Marketing of still print, video, film, graphic design, and as photography manager, where he oversaw several photographers and stylist, to produce still and video campaigns for multiple clients. After several succesful years at Creative Network Studios, Byron was contacted by and offered positions at 3 Score Studio, and Quadras Inc., where he continued in Sales and Marketing of Still Print and Video production, and as Fashion and Product Photographer.

Today, Byron is a business owner and freelance Commercial Advertising Photographer who photographs digital stills and video, for multiple clients in studio and on location. His clients are large photography studios (Quadras Inc, Ambrosi, Alderman), film and video production companies (CNS,TBS), advertising agencies, magazines, retailers, mail order, catalog, web, business to business, corporations, small business, and individuals. Clients include, Belks Department Stores, Rich's Department Stores, Boston Proper, Home Depot, Remax, Coca-Cola, Wall-mart, Blue Sky Swimwear, ABC, LTD, Discovery Channel, Atlanta Magazine, RIU Resorts, Hard Rock Hotels, Outback Restaurants, Store House, Equivest, Marriott Resorts, Fairfield Resorts, and many others.


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